Cheryl Donegan and Kenneth Goldsmith (USA)
Three Star Books
Book / printed polyester satin, pigment print on paper, lacquered wood, metal screws
Edition of 20

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About the work

Edition of 20 copies
+ 5 Artist’s Proofs and 5 Hors Commerce
All copies are signed and numbered by the artists on the colophon.

Format: 49 x 36 cm x 2,5 cm - 19,29 x 14,17 x 0,98 inches
Lacquered wood and metal screws (colors of the binding bar and base come in different combinations). Please note that due to the nature of the project, the pages including the cover are shuffled differently for each copy of the book.

Twenty-one pages digitally printed on polyester satin.
Twenty pigment prints on paper.
Silkscreened colophon.

“Peels” is Three Star Books’ version of Peels - a unique large assemblage of Cheryl Donegan’s paintings all bound together and exhibited for the first time in Houston at David Shelton Gallery in March 2019.

The original Peels book is a compilation of thirty large paintings on canvas by Donegan kept together together with clips and presented on a custom wood table. By simply binding together her paintings, Donegan has created a book. The “bound” paintings - no different from the ones the artist usually hangs upon the wall - are now presented flat upon a table.

“Peels” in its Three Star Books iteration is the combined work of a visual artist and a poet. Artist Cheryl Donegan and poet Kenneth Goldsmith have been sharing their lives together for over thirty years and agreed to collaborate on a common project at the invitation of Three Star Books.

In the French tradition of the “Livre de Peintre”, distinguished publishers such as Daniel-Henry Khanweiler (or later with Teriade) were happy to match a text - usually a contemporary creation - with visual works by painters of their time; not to be read as commentary or translation the accompanying text serves as a transposition of the images into another language. A successful “Livre de Peintre” contains interlaced texts and images with each medium bearing the same importance as the other.

Donegan’s desire was to recombine the material composing Peels (the original unique giant book) into a smaller format. Donegan’s painting motifs are mostly new abstract works created by rearranging and digitally recomposing amateur photographs of track suits found on eBay.

Twenty-one of the thirty paintings from the original giant Peels book are cropped and reproduced on polyester satin sourced in Italy for this Three Star Books iteration, interwoven with pages of paper printed text compositions by Kenneth Goldsmith.

Goldsmith was inspired by designs from Mémoires by Asger Jorn and Guy Debord (published in 1959) to create new unique typographic compositions with found texts and images sourced from old books bought in 2019 in Paris flea markets and all dating from 1959.

This edition of Three Star Books’ “Peels” is a true collaboration between two unique artists who have found a common through line that connects their individual practices, creating an exceptional volume that opens new fields for better understanding our world and to expand our creative visions.

The publisher and the artists want to thank Valentin Bousquet and Louis Gherardi for their precious help in the production of Peels.

About the artists


Cheryl Donegan and Kenneth Goldsmith

Cheryl Donegan received her B.F.A. in Painting at the Rhode Island School of Design and an M.F.A. at Hunter College in New York. Donegan emerged in the 90’s with video works that were direct, irreverent performances, infused with an ironic eroticism. Donegan's performative actions before the camera often resulted in or related to process paintings and drawings. More recently, in her paintings Donegan derives abstraction from debased images of consumer objects, shopping spaces and humble patterns. As critic Nick Stillman writes in Art Forum:" Donegan's recent work remains acidic, but it has turned abstract." Her work has been exhibited internationally including at the High Line Art, New York, New Museum, New York Los Angeles Nomadic Division, (all 2016); Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, White Flag Projects, St. Louis, and DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Massachusetts (all 2013) The Tang Museum of Art at Skidmore College (2011), the 1995 Whitney Biennial, The Museum of Modern Art, 1993 Venice Biennale; and the Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, France. She lives and works in New York.

Kenneth Goldsmith is the author and editor of over twenty books and the founding editor of UbuWeb (, the internet’s largest archive of the avant-garde. He teaches writing at The University of Pennsylvania. In May 2011, he was invited to read at President Obama's "A Celebration of American Poetry" at The White House, where he also held a poetry workshop with First Lady Michelle Obama. In 2013, he was named as the inaugural Poet Laureate of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

About the Publisher


Three Star Books, Paris

Founded in 2007, Three Star Books is owned and managed by Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia. Maddalena Quarta is assisting at production and sales.

Three Star Books produces books and editions with the finest contemporary artists. The term‚ "Artist's book" is interpreted loosely, as the final product often exceeds the physical and conceptual parameters of publishing.

Three Star books was founded in 2007 by Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia with Cornelia Lauf (2007-2015)