Clara Claus (France)
Dalbin Gallery
Video / 09:08 / color / stereo
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About the work

What does a heartbeat whisper? What does a gesture enhold? What does a breath hide? Our body carries our millions stories, collects them in our innumerable particles, all recounted through the enigmatic "music of the body".
For the exhibition Friction at the Espronceda art center in Barcelona (2017), Clara Claus investigates what she calls "the music of her body", through abstract sound recordings, but also shapes, colors, images, as vestiges of this body navigating through things by meticulous mechanisms.
Friction is an exhibition of three installations, each inspired by a sound of the body; the heartbeat, the breathing, and the friction of a body movement. The exhibition presents Claus' intuitive response to the music of the body through the display of her many paper works, painted wood, and video (co-directed with Natacha Ikoli). On the occasion of the opening night, Claus invited musicians from her family and close entourage Pedro Soler, Gaspar Claus and Inés Bacán to create a dialog with these sonic and visual explorations of the body.

About the artist


Clara Claus

is a pluridisciplinary artist from France, she studied Spatial Design at Duperré (Paris) and holds a BFA from The Cooper Union (NY). Claus’ varied practices include drawing, painting, installation, video, and collaboration with musicians and other disciplines through the composition of graphic scores.

She is invested in the idea that visual arts and mark making are ways to explore and articulate the invisible. Through her multimedia practice, she explores different aspects of the real and its distorted froms such as memory, sentiment and imagination. She uses each medium as a refracted particle of the real, with the intention to reveal what is sometimes less obvious and tangible, and to built narratives through perceptions.

Clara Claus presented her work around the world in cities like Paris (France), New York Los Angeles (USA), or Kolkata (India), Barcelona (Spain) in the form of solo exhibitions and performances. She collaborated with musicians such as Bryce Dessner (The National), Sufjan Stevens or Joakim, and filmmakers such as Margarita Jimeno or Derrick Belcham.


About the gallery

Karen Paulina Biswell

Karen Paulina Biswell

Label Dalbin, Paris

Label Dalbin established in Paris in 2003 by Eric Dalbin, soon joined by Laurent Baylet, develops hybrid projects.

Label Dalbin produces videos, installations and performances at the interface between music and the visual arts for cultural institutions and private collections. What is original about this approach lies in the very nature of the collaboration here between visual artists and composers, who join forces to form a tightly-knit team that meets and discusses, writes, composes and records an original work together. This unity of time, place and action allows for the exploration of a new musical-visual idiom that blurs conventional boundaries between the genres, for the only thing that really counts is the creative process itself. The meaning of each work, in other words, lies in a meeting of minds between the artists: a shared experience that is uniquely and intimately theirs and has the power to profoundly alter each artist’s approach. Co-creation is the work.

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