Founded in Paris in 2007.

Mikkael Doczekalski founded Graphset Studio in 2007. Graphset covers a broad field of graphic design and digital arts: from the printed object, to motion design, space design and scenography. The production of Mikkael Doczekalski feeds on an atypical school and professional career. Initially trained in automated systems techniques, he began his professional life in the world of industrial robotics. He develops a graphic logic and a work process that he will turn into a creative step when he joined the Beaux-Arts Cergy in 2002.

Today, the Graphset studio multiplies the collaborations in different creative fields, that they are in the field of the graphic design (Alpha-city, We Love Art, Onefive Laser ...) of the music video (Max Cooper, Rebolledo, Tahiti 80 ...) or Vjing and the scenography (Name festival, Mapping festival, Impossible Project ...). The entire production of Mikkael Doczekalski reveals a desire to place the creative process at the center of his approach, constantly inciting him to push back the limits of this technical knowledge.

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Graphset (France)
Label Dalbin
Video / 02:59 / color
Courtesy of Ebel & Fondation Le Corbusier