Emotional Landscape

Julien Michaud (France)
Dalbin Gallery
Video / 10:00 / loop / color
Limited edition

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About the artist


Julien Michaud

When everything rocked, Julien Michaud seized a very fine paint felt and a notebook with thick paper. The days and pages have turned, a drawing on each side. Small pebbles, beasts and people, tears and colors have drawn their expanding world, in balance. A dozen notebooks later, some inhabitants of this world are already emancipating themselves: the horoscope of Grazia was placed under their disturbing and unpredictable sign. Thumbnails on the sidelines of an unpublished biography, these creatures live today their own lives. They enact and then abolish their plastic laws: flat areas and materials, dark circles and shadows form temporary systems facing the whiteness of paper. They trace their scenarios, their dramas, their loves. They appear and fade, change colors and masks to the rhythm of a daily chronicle. Quirky in the manner of "jokes" or grotesque, these dreamlike beings that arise from the vegetable interlacing of late Gothic manuscripts, the drawings of Julien Michaud are not illustrations. Born of an emergency, the fulfillment of a necessary ritual, they have conquered an autonomous existence, which continues now before our eyes.

Quand tout a basculé, Julien Michaud a saisi un feutre peinture très fin et un carnet au papier épais. Les jours et les pages ont tourné, un dessin de chaque côté. Petits cailloux, bêtes et gens, larmes et couleurs y ont dessiné leur monde en expansion, en équilibre.

Une douzaine de carnets plus tard, certains habitants de ce monde s’émancipent déjà : l’horoscope de Grazia s’est placé sous leur signe troublant et imprévisible.

Miniatures en marge d’une biographie inédite, ces créatures vivent aujourd’hui leurs vies propres. Elles édictent puis abolissent leurs lois plastiques : aplats et matières, cernes et ombres forment des systèmes temporaires face à la blancheur du papier. Elles y tracent leurs scénarios, leurs drames, leurs amours. Elles apparaissent et s’évanouissent, changent de couleurs et de masques au rythme d’une chronique quotidienne.

Piquants à la manière des « drôleries » ou grotesques, ces êtres oniriques qui surgissent des entrelacs végétaux des manuscrits gothiques tardifs, les dessins de Julien Michaud ne sont pas des illustrations. Nés d’une urgence, accomplissement d’un rituel nécessaire, ils ont conquis une existence autonome, qui se poursuit à présent sous nos yeux.

Texte Claire Guha


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Karen Paulina Biswell

Karen Paulina Biswell

Gallery Dalbin

Label Dalbin established in Paris in 2003 by Eric Dalbin, soon joined by Laurent Baylet, develops hybrid projects.

Label Dalbin produces videos, installations and performances at the interface between music and the visual arts for cultural institutions and private collections. What is original about this approach lies in the very nature of the collaboration here between visual artists and composers, who join forces to form a tightly-knit team that meets and discusses, writes, composes and records an original work together. This unity of time, place and action allows for the exploration of a new musical-visual idiom that blurs conventional boundaries between the genres, for the only thing that really counts is the creative process itself. The meaning of each work, in other words, lies in a meeting of minds between the artists: a shared experience that is uniquely and intimately theirs and has the power to profoundly alter each artist’s approach. Co-creation is the work.

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