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Marie Maillard (France)
Dalbin Gallery
Video / 10:00 / loop / black & white
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About the artist


Marie Maillard

Born in 1973 in Besançon, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

”At a time of radical evolution in our information society, Marie Maillard transcribes the futures of an image that suddenly emerges in reality in order to reshape it. First became known for her video-wallpapers, she anticipates the consequences of virtual reality’s intrusion in the day-to-day spaces of our lives. Her artworks test the becoming-image of our realities. The image is superimposed over reality, redefining it aesthetically. Through these intrusions of an image that is endowed with an intelligence all its own, Marie Maillard introduces a doubt into our understanding of what distinguishes virtualities from realities. Welcome to the enigma of the virtual.”

Née en 1973 à Besançon, France. Vit et travaille à Paris, France.

Diplômée de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Dijon en 1997, Marie Maillard a participé à de nombreuses expositions en France et à l’étranger, dont notamment une exposition personnelle en 2008 à la Maison rouge (Paris) intitulée “Wall 0208”.

“A une époque d’évolution radicale de notre société de l’information, Marie Maillard retranscrit l’avenir d’une image qui surgit dans la réalité pour la refaçonner. D’abord connue pour ses papiers-peints, elle anticipe les conséquences de l’intrusion de la réalité virtuelle dans ses œuvres témoignent du devenir de nos réalités. L'image se superpose à la réalité et la redéfinit esthétiquement. Par ces intrusions d'une image dotée d'une intelligence qui lui est propre, Marie Maillard introduit un doute dans notre compréhension de ce qui distingue les virtualités des réalités. Bienvenue dans l’énigme du virtuel.” Pascal Beausse


About the gallery

© 2018 Karen Paulina Biswell for Label Dalbin

© 2018 Karen Paulina Biswell for Label Dalbin

Dalbin Gallery

Dalbin Gallery, established in 2003 in Paris, presents videos, installations and performances at the intersection of music and the visual arts. 

What is original about this approach lies in the very nature of the collaboration between visual artists and composers, who join forces to form a tightly-knit team that meets and discusses, writes, composes and records an original work together. This unity of time, place and action allows for the exploration of a new musical-visual idiom that blurs conventional boundaries between the genres, for the only thing that really counts is the creative process itself. The meaning of each work, in other words, lies in a meeting of minds between the artists: a shared experience that is uniquely and intimately theirs and has the power to profoundly alter each artist’s approach. Co-creation is the work.

Dalbin Gallery
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75010 Paris, France
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