Nicolas Sassoon


Born in 1981 in Biarritz, France, lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

Nicolas Sassoon is a Vancouver-based French new media artist working in print and animated gif.

Nicolas Sassoon’s work has long been concerned with the tensions between the pixel and the screen, reflecting on their entanglement and materiality by constraining himself to experiment with pixelated patterns and figures as its sole visual language. This focus on early computer graphics is driven by the sculptural, material and pictorial qualities of this imagery, as well as its limitations and its poetics. A basis of Sassoon’s research centres on all-over animations produced using a moiré patterning technique; consisting in the overlap of two images to generate the illusion of third image. Named after atmospheric and natural forces, these animations appear on screen as endless hypnotic surfaces. In space, they manifest as monumental projections scaled to the architecture in context.

Sassoon’s recent projects focus on extensive depictions of underground project spaces and music venues. Sassoon evokes the culture and communities surrounding these spaces using idiomatic visual elements from his practice: pixelated patterns, digital moirés and isometric perspective. Stemming from his accounts of operating within these spaces, Sassoon recalls his memories — the infrastructure, the objects, the events and the energies that unfolded over a period of time. He articulates the inner workings of these spaces, rendering them through pixels and patterns, and makes visible the unseen forces that weave in and out of these spaces. These visualizations are subjective records, halfway between recollection and imagination, simultaneously factual and fantastical. Sassoon’s aesthetic exploration creates a multitude of details, textures and imaginary figures, conveying the energies and processes at work in these communities.

While most of his work is published online, Sassoon materializes his practice into a wide range of Medias. His research leads him to engage in cross-disciplinary projects in the fields of architecture, electronic music, textiles, and art. Sassoon is a founder of the collaborative projects SIGNALS and W-A-LL-P-A-P-E-R-S. His work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Eyebeam (US), Current Museum (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Plugin ICA (CA), Contemporary Art Gallery (CA), Charles H.Scott Gallery (CA), Western Front (CA), PRETEEN Gallery (MX), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Centre d’Art Bastille (FR), House of Electronic Arts Basel (SW), Kunsthalle Langenthal (SW), Arti et Amicitiae (NL), MU Eindhoven (NL) , Today Art Museum (CN), Chronus art Center (CN), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE) and the New-York Fashion Week (US).

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