Love, Volume 13

Various Artists
The Drawer
Magazine / soft cover / 160 pages
Limited edition

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About the work

17 x 24 cm
160 pages
ISBN : 978-2-84066-987-6
EAN : 9782840669876

The thirteenth issue of the magazine of monomaniac, thematic, artisanal and transversal drawing brings together the drawings of some thirty artists, around the theme of love ... and Eros.

With Etel Adnan, Dike Blair, Io Burgard, Yves Camdeborde, Lauren Coullard, Idir Davaine, Eliza Douglas, Aurélie Gravas, Antoine Grulier & Pierre Pauselli, Thomas Huber, Dorothy Iannone, Mathias Kiss, Tiziana La Melia, Stéphane Lecomte, Thomas Lemut, Sébastien Lifshitz, Roxane Lumeret, Jan Melka, Mario Milizia, François Olislaeger, Francis Picabia, Vimala Pons, Laure Prouvost, Louise Sartor, Ashley Hans Scheirl, Alice Wietzel.

About the publisher


Revue consisting of drawings and devoted to drawing, The Drawer leaves the word and the field - almost - free to the only "cartoonists", bringing together every six months the drawings and the written contributions of about thirty artists and creators.

In English, "the drawer" means "the drawer". He also designates "the one who draws". Assuming the polysemy of its title, the magazine The Drawer could therefore be considered as a "drawing drawer". What it is in a certain way: a magazine entirely composed of drawings and devoted to drawing, which can be opened and closed at leisure, finally suitable for the most unexpected associations, The Drawer is therefore aptly named.

Monomaniaque, The Drawer is none the less open-minded: all the drawings, as long as they are good, and all the draughtsmen, interest him. Celebrating the practice of drawing in its widest dimension, The Drawer mixes contributions from artists (visual artists, illustrators, designers, architects) as well as those of less expected creators (singers, writers, musicians, choreographers, directors). Their common point: the same taste and the same practice of drawing.

Half-yearly, The Drawer is also thematic. Each issue takes as its starting point the title of a literary, cinematographic or musical work, chosen for its creative and / or fantasmatic potential (volume 1: Modern Times, volume 2: Metamorphosis, etc.). Each contributor is invited to submit to it and every published drawing, whether already existing or specially made for the occasion, relates to it.

Playground, expression and creation around a common theme, The Drawer provides information on both the plastic and graphic richness of drawing today as well as artists and personalities invited to answer a series of questions. Why draw? What to draw? Unsuccessful drawings? ...

Visual primarily, more concerned with typography than text, The Drawer reads less than she looks at herself, flips through, compulse herself. Drawing drawer, portable exhibition, cabinet of miniature graphic art, The Drawer has no other ambition than the sharing of miracles and pleasures of drawing.

Artisanal and 100% handmade, it is the result of the work of a small team passionate drawing: Sophie Toulouse, artistic director and Barbara Soyer, active in the field of publishing and contemporary art.

The Drawer is also an editorial platform for the publication of monographic works.

The Drawer agency : une revue, un éditeur, un curateur, une plateforme artistique et créative créée en 2011 par Barbara Soyer et Sophie Toulouse.