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About the artist

Matt Pyke in his studio

Matt Pyke in his studio

Universal Everything

Matt Pyke is a UK based artist and designer. He is the founder and director of Universal Everything, a digital art and design studio inventing new forms of moving image for the screens of the future. A monograph on Universal Everything was published by Unit Editions in 2019.

With a background in botanical and technical illustration as well as design and typography, Matt Pyke’s work explores the tension between abstract and figurative form. His expressive, vibrant digital artworks are embodied with emergent life and anthropomorphism.

Matt Pyke’s approach combines humanity and technology to stimulate emotions, sensations and participation. His artworks, commissions and collaborations are often multi-sensory experiences, using video, sound, light, architecture and interaction. Matt Pyke’s work with Universal Everything embraces emerging formats and technologies, including 3D printing, touch screens, motion capture and large format video.

As the creative director of Universal Everything, Matt Pyke has directed commissions for visionary brands including IBM, Chanel, Intel, Nike, Hyundai and Deutsche Bank, and bands including Radiohead, Coldplay and Primal Scream. A recent project saw Universal Everything collaborate with Zaha Hadid Architects and Samsung on an interactive installation to launch the Galaxy S8 smartphone at Milan Design Week 2017. Work by Matt Pyke and Universal Everything has also been exhibited worldwide, at the likes of MOMA (New York), V&A Museum (London), Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture (Moscow), La Gaité Lyrique (Paris), and Art HK (Hong Kong).

Walking City – Ars Electronica Golden Nica 2014
Hyundai Vision Hall – Red Dot Design Award 2013 & iF Communication Design Award 2013
MTV Rebrand – Promax Broadcast Design Awards 2009: 1 Gold, 3 Silvers, 3 Bronzes


About the gallery

Karen Paulina Biswell

Karen Paulina Biswell

Dalbin Gallery

Dalbin Gallery, established in 2003 in Paris, presents videos, installations and performances at the intersection of music and the visual arts. 

What is original about this approach lies in the very nature of the collaboration between visual artists and composers, who join forces to form a tightly-knit team that meets and discusses, writes, composes and records an original work together. This unity of time, place and action allows for the exploration of a new musical-visual idiom that blurs conventional boundaries between the genres, for the only thing that really counts is the creative process itself. The meaning of each work, in other words, lies in a meeting of minds between the artists: a shared experience that is uniquely and intimately theirs and has the power to profoundly alter each artist’s approach. Co-creation is the work.

Dalbin Gallery
55 quai de Valmy
75010 Paris, France
By appointment only


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